Accumulate wealth by owning rental real estate

SHARE is the easiest way to build a portfolio of high-yield, fully managed rental properties.

Tasks requires when being a landlord

Why own rental real estate?

The same reason why 90% of the wealthy do - It’s the best and most reliable asset class for building wealth!

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Tax Benefits

Earn tax deductions from your rental home expenses.

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Capital Appreciation

Retain 100% of the upside as the value of your home increases.

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Predictable Income

Collect monthly rental income.

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Passive Income

Let SHARE handle all of the operations while controlling key decision making.

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Borrow and Leverage

Borrow to invest and unlock additional leverage as the value appreciates.

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Economic downturns are mitigated by increased demand for rentals.

Buying the right rental property is hard.

It’s a high risk, high effort 6-month process to get to profitability (if at all).

Tasks requires when being a landlord
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SHARE removes all the guesswork.

We professionally prepare EACH home to meet high standards before listing them on SHARE.

1. Thorough Inspections

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Professionally assess the health of the home.

2. High Quality Renovations

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Ensure the house meets a high standard of safety and functionality.

3. Lease the Home

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Home is rent-ready! Find and screen quality tenants.

4. List on SHARE

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Now that the homes is leased it’s ready to be listed on SHARE

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Don’t want to be a landlord?

Let us handle all of the operations while you kick back and collect an income.

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Management Services

  • Green checkmarkTop tier property management
  • Green checkmarkCentralized reporting & tax prep
  • Green checkmarkMarket comparisons
  • Green checkmarkDedicated asset manager
  • Green checkmarkFinancing partners
  • Green checkmarkFirst access to new units
  • Green checkmarkExperienced asset managers
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Service Guarantee

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Cash flow positive on day 1

Our homes are tenanted and cash flowing

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30-day buy-back guarantee

Decided that real estate isn’t for you? No worries, we’ll buy-back your unit

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Rental income guaranteed*

We guarantee your rental income for your first year

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1st yr repairs guaranteed*

If something goes wrong the first year, we’ll cover the costs!

SHARE lets you take ownership in as little as 48 hours

No guesswork or real estate experience required!

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Look through our inventory of fully tenanted rental homes.

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Provide proof of funds to reserve your home.

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Pay your balance.

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Take ownership and start collecting a rental income.

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