Frequently Asked Questions

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SHARE is the easiest way to build a portfolio of rental real estate. We’re making rental real estate more accessible by removing the upfront guesswork and effort required to identify and stabilize a rental property.

We buy, renovate and tenant all of our homes before we make them available on our site. We also offer management services so you can be a hands-free owner.
We are currently offering our homes to US and Canadian residents
The property will remain yours as you have direct ownership over it. We will work with you to appoint a 3rd party operator to ensure continuity and will provide you with our list of preferred operational partners.
We analyze several data points that are known to positively contribute to the growth in the value and rental demand of your home.
SHARE currently owns all the homes listed on our site. It’s the best way to assess performance and to ensure they’re properly prepared for tenants and new owners.

How SHARE Works

  • Reserve: When you find a house of interest, you can reserve that property by paying the $100 refundable deposit. This temporarily holds the unit while we work with you to finalize the transaction. We’ll be by your side the whole way.
  • Pay balance: We will send you all the necessary closing documents, statements and payment details. You’ll then be required to pay the balance in a timely manner.
Yes. We charge a 1% buying fee (of listed price) at the time of close.
We conduct a full inspection and renovate all of our homes prior to listing them. Safety and functionality are at the core of our focus. For extra reassurance, we provide a 12 month renovation guarantee for your first 12 months.
No, SHARE is a platform that offers direct ownership.
You have direct ownership of the property so you have the freedom to choose which path to take: refinance, sell in the open/private market, etc. We hope that we’d be your first stop when considering liquidity options.

SHARE Asset Management

We’ll be your only point-of-contact despite how many homes, geographies and property management companies we use. We’ll consolidate all your reporting and documentation all within your SHARE account.

Our Service Guarantee

  • SHARE Rental Guarantee: We guarantee that you will receive your first 12 months of rental income*.
  • SHARE Renovation Guarantee: We’ll repair/replace qualifying items within the first 12 months at no cost to you*.
  • Cash flowing day 1: All our homes will be tenanted and cash flowing the day you take ownership.
  • 8%-10% of monthly rents for property management
  • 1% (of purchase price) annual SAM fees
  • No. We only collect property management and SAM fees when we have a paying tenant.
    Yes! SHARE will provide you with tax schedules with year-end information to incorporate into your tax returns.
    We collect a reserve at the time of closing which is used for unexpected repairs, maintenance and debt service. It can range between 1.5%-3.5% of the home purchase price which is assessed during our home inspection process. The first 12 months worth of reserves are collected at the initial purchase of your shares. Subsequent reserves will be collected from rental revenue only when we go below originally allotted amount.
    We do monthly cash distributions.
    If we’re managing the home, we’ll make sure that we replace them with high quality tenant as quickly as possible. We will not be charging any property and SHARE related management fees during this period. There may be fees for a tenant replacement depending on property management partner.
    All of our insurance policies include disaster scenarios and are reflected in the cost estimates
    We have a 12 month lock-up period from the close date. Should you choose to self-manage after the lock-up period then there will be an admin fee to transfer and terminate all management rights.
    Your property management partner is incentivized by having predictable rental income and must maintain a high degree of tenant happiness.

    Additional Information

    Yes! You can elect to be eligible for the “like-kind exchange” of deferred tax benefits.
    Yes. Canadian residents can invest in US real estate without a visa. We can advise you on the logistics and planning around this.
    We can refer you to several financing partners whether you are a US resident or a foreign national.
    Yes. We’d be happy to assist you with this process.