Frequently Asked Questions

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SHARE is the easiest way to build a portfolio of rental real estate. Our mission is to help our clients achieve financial security by making real estate investing and ownership a completely digital, low-risk and low-effort experience.

SHARE removes the upfront guesswork and effort required to identify and stabilize a rental property. We thoroughly assess on and off-market deals for projected returns and expenditures so our investors can make the most informed decisions. Once you identify your ideal investment property, SHARE helps you close the property and stabilize it for growth by renovating, repairing, and tenanting it. Our investors are hands-free owners that take comfort in knowing SHARE is actively overseeing investments on their behalf. Our Client Success Team has decades of institutional-grade asset management experience, managing billions of dollars in assets.

We are currently offering our homes to US and Canadian residents
The property will remain yours as you have direct ownership over it. We will work with you to appoint a 3rd party operator to ensure continuity and will provide you with our list of preferred operational partners.
We create a custom search criteria based on a buyer’s investment goals. This is referred to as a “buy box”. We then turn on various data feeds that allow us to find homes that meet this criteria.
SHARE utilizes our network of on and off-market deal sources. In most cases, the home is owned by a 3rd party at the time of consideration.

How SHARE Works

  • Search: We connect with you to understand your investment goals
  • Reserve: We’ll present multiple options and conduct diligence (5-7 days) on properties of interest.
  • Pay balance: Once you find a property that meets your criteria, we’ll work with you to close in <45 days.
Yes. We charge the greater of 3% of listed price or $7,500 as the buying fee at the time of close.
Conditions of the listed homes may vary but SHARE ensures that our assessments of properties includes the necessary renovations, repairs and maintenance budgets to ensure it can achieve the expected market returns. For extra reassurance, we provide a 12 month renovation guarantee for your first 12 months.
No, SHARE is a platform that offers direct ownership.
You have direct ownership of the property so you have the freedom to choose which path to take: refinance, sell in the open/private market, etc. We hope that we’d be your first stop when considering liquidity options.

SHARE Asset Management

We will be your only point of contact despite how many homes, geographies and property management companies make up your portfolio. We will consolidate all your reporting and documentation within your SHARE account.

Our Service Guarantee

  • SHARE Rental Guarantee: We guarantee that you will receive up to 3 months of rent loss within your first 12 months of ownership*. If there is a tenant turnover within the first 12-months, we will replace the tenant at no additional cost.
  • SHARE Renovation Guarantee: We will repair/replace qualifying items within the first 12 months at no cost to you*.
  • 0.25%-1% (of purchase price) annual SAM fees
  • 8%-10% of monthly rents for property management
  • No. SAM fees are collected when we have a paying tenant.
    Yes! SHARE will provide you with tax schedules with year-end information to incorporate into your tax returns.
    We collect a reserve at the time of closing which is used for unexpected repairs, maintenance and debt service. It can range between 1.5%-3.5% of the home purchase price which is assessed during our home inspection process. The first 12 months worth of reserves are collected at the initial purchase of your home. Subsequent reserves will be collected from rental revenue only when we go below the originally allotted amount.
    We do monthly cash distributions.
    If we are managing the home, we will make sure that we replace them with a new high quality tenant as quickly as possible. We will not be charging any property and SHARE related management fees during this period. There may be fees for tenant replacement depending on the property management partner. However, as part of the SHARE Rental Guarantee, if there is tenant turnover within your first 12-months, we will replace the tenant at no additional cost.
    All of our insurance policies include disaster scenarios and are reflected in the cost estimates
    We have a 24 months lock-up period from the close date although this may vary by property. Should you choose to self-manage after the lock-up period then there will be an admin fee to transfer and terminate all management rights.
    Once you close on a SHARE property, we automatically become your institutional-grade asset managers. As your asset manager, we ensure that your property management partner meets best-in-class standards and reserve the right to approve all key decision making. Furthermore, your property management partner is incentivized by having predictable rental income and must maintain a high degree of tenant happiness.

    Additional Information

    Yes! You can elect to be eligible for the “like-kind exchange” of deferred tax benefits.
    Yes. Canadian residents can invest in US real estate without a visa. We can advise you on the logistics and planning around this.
    We can refer you to several financing partners whether you are a US resident or a foreign national.
    Yes. We’d be happy to assist you with this process.