Tasks requires when being a landlord

Buying the right rental property the traditional way is hard.

It's a high risk, high effort 6-month process to get to profitability (if at all).

SHARE removes
all the guesswork.

EACH of our homes are professionally prepared to meet the highest standards.

1. Thorough Inspections

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Professionally assess and underwrite the home.

2. High Quality Renovations

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Drawing of a van with the SHARE roof logo
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Ensure the house meets a high standard of safety and functionality.

3. Lease the Home

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Drawing of a rental agreement

Find and screen the highest quality tenants.

4. Institutional Grade Asset Management

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SHARE handles all the operational and helps grow your portfolio.


Building a rental property portfolio has never been easier!

No guesswork or real estate experience is required! We'll be by your side throughout the entire process.


1. Search

We have various homes with different return profiles. Find one that fits your investment criteria.


2. Reserve

Place a $100 refundable deposit to reserve a property of interest. You'll then be paired with someone from our team to help you close the property.


3. Close

We'll help align all the moving pieces such as financing, entity formation, title and escrow, etc. To ensure an efficient close. We charge a 1% buying fee (on house price) at close.


4. Collect

After you take ownership. You'll get access to our portal where you'll receive in-depth reporting on your portfolio and a direct line of communication with us.


5. Manage

Let the wealth creation begin! SHARE handles all of the operations and continuously look for growth and liquidity levers on your behalf. We select top notch property managers and ensure that tenant and owner interests are aligned.